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The one that got it all going. We started with the vision to design a simple but yet very effective baits for perch fishing. What we wanted was a versatile lure which could be fished with most of the common finesse rigs which should come along in a clean sexy shape. I tell you we designed dozens of lures, optimized them and finally got the SickStix. Since then loads and loads of fish worldwide have been fooled by these little sticks. No matter what style you rig them - wacky, jig head, drop shot or whatever - SickStix will produce fish even even under the toughest circumstances.


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Length: 77 mm

Each package contains 7 handpoured premium lures.

5,95 € / Pack

dropshot wacky trailer weightless texas

Tarakito softbait fishing can be extremely addictive. I can put a wide grin on your face and large fish in your boat. It can make you want more and more and can also cause severe damage to you social life. We here at the Kingdom really appreciate that but can not be held responsible at all.