LURES . . . BLOG . . . ABOUT . . . SHIRTS is runned by Ian, a professional photographer and avid fishing bloke from Germany. It went online back in 2006 mainly to show of and promote my personal softplastic-building stuff. Since then things have changed quite a bit and though all the lures-stuff is still shown here, today rather serves as my personal blog. Focused mainly on saltwater flyfishing and freshwater perch fishing (with tarakito softbaits of course) i just dump everything that i consider as interesting into this lousy website. And as the world sometimes is more than just fishing i also may throw in some music (heavy metal, trash metal, plain old rock`n roll), photography or design stuff if you don`t mind. The name “tarakito” isn`t some wannabe japanese slang as some of you might think, it`s the common name used for various species of Jacks on the Phillipines.

`Nough said … you`re comments are welcome and if you want to leave some kind of feedback drop me a line here.