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skateboarding is not a crime

Punk Rock!

This Is Fly issue 14 is out now! Lovely Cover! Check it out:

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Eastern Rises

The guys from feltsoulmedia which brought us fantastic movies like “running down the man” or “red gold” did it again. Their newest project is called “Eastern rises” and you you get a sneak peak at it here. Gorgeous stuff as usual. Really looking forward to the release of this DVD.

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This Is Fly 12 out now!

Lovely cover as usual. Psychedeliaaaa man …

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Hero Shot

Urban Trouting - Guerrila Style Dude!

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Urban trouting - combat style!

Another day of big city combat trouting. While stupid me was trying to catch trees, birds and bugs on spinners Jens performed better and got some decent big city trouts. The biggest one just got away just like the last time. Will post some more combat fishing footage soon. So stay tuned for the real deal - urban trouting - guerilla style.

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Quicksilver Deep Blue

Quicksilver starts off their new Deepblue campaign by Saatchi & Saatchi, Denmark. Amazing artwork!

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Schmerzfrei kick ass!

We just came home from a gig of the German rock`n roll band Schmerzfrei and have to admit that these blokes play some serious straigt in your face sound. Check out their official myspace-site: Schmerzfrei Essen. Sorry guys- lyrics are all in German!

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This Is Fly 11 out now!

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Well ok .. this one is a pretty old one. Hey but things improve with age, like cheese, eh …

Check out the Element Fishtale clip at youtube - great stuff.

Screaming reels & hot drag plates!

Problem Child - An aluminium perch vessel

Free boat pictures for everyone. Find our construction report here .

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Tool time -Jon boat conversion - Let`s build a low budget bass boat

Yo fellas - this is the boat dude with the final report on our tarakito jon boat conversion. It took us much longer than expected but we finally got our rig rolling. Please click below to browse through some pictures of the building process. Cheers.
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Got nuts mate?!?

Although Little John`s conversion into the smallest bass boat ever is far away from being completed we allready cared for the important issues … name it … stickerwork ;-)

2007 = Manshit

Today Paul and Ian declared 2007 to be the year of BIG fish and manshit.

Baring that in mind we plan to travel around the world for weeks or maybe months not washing our voluptuous bodies, running around naked the whole day, catching lunkers and gain worldwide female recognition. Well … this could turn out to be some serious fun. What do you think mate …

We have a dream .01

If you look closely Germany is quite a weird place to live. Being the only country on that planet without speed limits on the motorways German fishermen on the other hand are forced to kill every damn fish they catch by the law. But governmental insanity goes even further `cause German politicians even ban bass for what reason ever. We here at stand up against government opression and claim bass for everyone! Right now the whole think is rather a flick in our mad brains but as we know that are many people with the same ideas in mind there is a chance for all those enthusiast fishermen out there. Maybe we should found some kind of club like “Schwarzbarsch Sofort e.V” , write petitions and all that typical German stuff. Thinking about that idea idon`t think that we`ll ever succeed. Best way to spread bass all over europe is to just start some kind of top secret mission and import large quantities of bass from Italy or Spain.

So what we need are big trucks, even bigger fish tanks, some money and keen drivers.

What do you think?