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to da määäääx

Aussie great whites

Just another one from the TIF blog:

Love the bumber mounted fighting chair on the cruiser.

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Schmerzfrei kick ass!

We just came home from a gig of the German rock`n roll band Schmerzfrei and have to admit that these blokes play some serious straigt in your face sound. Check out their official myspace-site: Schmerzfrei Essen. Sorry guys- lyrics are all in German!

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This Is Fly 11 out now!

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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She`s pissy

Although Ben is going to kick my balls for sure i just uploaded some video footage from the archives on youtube. Famous Bassmaster B Dizzy and his incredible Wiggle Wurst tactics. Click below to to see the videos. German only - sorry bud.

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Lures Of Distinction

Send out 20 blank crankbait masters to 20 different artists and ask them to design their own special lure. That`s what they might look like:

Finkbuilt Gallery :: Crankbait - Lures Of Distinction

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Bumble Bee is not human - Bumble Bee is a machine

Right folks, today we here at the Tarakito headoffice are proud to announce that we got a brand new member in our team of professional fishermen and nerds. The mighty Bumble Bee joined the crew by the beginning of this year and since then has proven his skills in various US tournaments where he outfished American pros with ease using our secret underground lure techniques.

Right now Bumble Bee is on the way to Japan in the Tarakito Jet where he`ll meet up with several Japanese pros to teach them what he calls “The Real Style”.

So stay tuned for some serious “Bumble Bee in Japan” dude!

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Well ok .. this one is a pretty old one. Hey but things improve with age, like cheese, eh …

Check out the Element Fishtale clip at youtube - great stuff.

Screaming reels & hot drag plates!


Just a very quick one to prove that Manus San`s lovely swimbaits not only look good but can also fool fish. Well right now they can only fool dumb German pike but who knows … maybe some day this little Bastards will even produce perch or bass. Exciting, isn`t it!?!

Yet another MCL bait

Sexy time! I liiiike …

Newest MCL lure

Just a quick one on the newest artpiece of Manu San. A 3-piece jointed swimbait with softplastic fins. A terrific handmade lure. Congrats mate!

This Is Fly mag

Though this mag is not particulary bass-related but rather a flyfishing thing it`s worthwile reading.

The guys from shwo how a modern fishing magazine could be set up - loud, full of naked girls, fish and röck`n röll this site is a must for every lunatic fisherman out there!

Check it out.

I Lost The Wilds

Megabass CEO Yuki Ito not only designes top notch fishing tackle but now also tries to be a singer. Check this out at youtube. Well … maybe he should concentrate on rods and lures again.

Back online!

Yes, it took us some time but we`re finally back online now.

Heyho - let`s go!

Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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