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Ice fishing!

So you think ice-fishing is kinda the real and coolest winter fishing thing, eh.?. Well, that`s what i thought, too. At least until today! And maybe it`s still true when you live in some remote areas in Finland. Ice fishing right here in the middle of the town really sucks!


First of all there are no fish! This is where continous readers might ask if i don`t get used to this with time. Of course i do - i run a fishing blog with a category “no fish at all” smart ass! ;-)

Much more annoying then the absence of fish are all those pedestrian with their shitload of funny questions … uhm, i still don`t get their kind of humor. “Are you fishing?” “No ma`m we come from planet Mickey Mouse and search for oil. Can you help us?”

Get a life folks!

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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Like èm chubby?

Spent a day down at the river Lahn and spotted some really nice chub there. This ist just one of many 60 cm + lurking around in the sun. Bloody idiot i am i forgot my flyrod.

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Motörizer preview

Lemmy, Micky & Phil did it again! About two weeks before the official release of Motörhead`s new album Motörizer SPV put up a widget on their website where all Motörmaniacs out there can catch a glimpse of what is about to come pretty soon. Great stuff!

Get deaf here.

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She`s pissy

Although Ben is going to kick my balls for sure i just uploaded some video footage from the archives on youtube. Famous Bassmaster B Dizzy and his incredible Wiggle Wurst tactics. Click below to to see the videos. German only - sorry bud.

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Stop Pebble Mine

This issue  is a not so new one but still up to date. As Shell want`s to set up a giant mine in Alaska`s Bristol Bay region one of the world`s best Salmon fisheries are in serious danger.

So please make a donation or sign up a petition today. There are quite a lot of websites out there dealing with this issue - you might have a look here or here e.g.

I you`re not into this donation thing you might also buy one of Abel`s limited edition reels. It has never been easier to save the world dude!

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Lures Of Distinction

Send out 20 blank crankbait masters to 20 different artists and ask them to design their own special lure. That`s what they might look like:

Finkbuilt Gallery :: Crankbait - Lures Of Distinction

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Fisherman`s heaven!

Tehere is a god! There is a heaven! It`s right here on earth! In New Zealand! Check out these amazing NZ flyfishing pictures at

I wanna go there by all means. Beam me up Scotty!!

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Catch, put èm in your pants & realease

Join John Lurie and the legendary Tom Waits fishing for red snapper in Jamaica. Fucking hilarious!

Part I

Part II

Part III

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Bumble Bee is not human - Bumble Bee is a machine

Right folks, today we here at the Tarakito headoffice are proud to announce that we got a brand new member in our team of professional fishermen and nerds. The mighty Bumble Bee joined the crew by the beginning of this year and since then has proven his skills in various US tournaments where he outfished American pros with ease using our secret underground lure techniques.

Right now Bumble Bee is on the way to Japan in the Tarakito Jet where he`ll meet up with several Japanese pros to teach them what he calls “The Real Style”.

So stay tuned for some serious “Bumble Bee in Japan” dude!

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I Lost The Wilds

Megabass CEO Yuki Ito not only designes top notch fishing tackle but now also tries to be a singer. Check this out at youtube. Well … maybe he should concentrate on rods and lures again.

56 million worldwide do it!

Check out this little clip about the US BASSMASTER series. Why the hell do i still live in Germany and go to the office every bloody day!?!

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Holidays & Killers - everything is safe!

So, one week off finally! Holiday means fishing, fishing and … erm … yes, fishing! Today i tested the not so new Imakatsu Wind Killer Bill - man what an awesome little lure. Caught some really tiny pikes and perch up to 30 cm on this crazy little thing. This was rather a lazy but a good fishing day anyway. When the expenssive weapon got trapped in some branches it was time to put the home made lure safer to the test once again. This little toy is simply but absolutely effective. I`ll post some pictures within the next days.

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SickStix Austrian style

Al just sent us some pictures of his latest SickStix trials. Being Austrian he does it completely different and rigs our little pleasure Stix on a jighead.

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Our SickStix now are officially approved for one of the largest German lakes- the “Bodensee”.

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