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Google`s world supremacy

Today the newest version (5.0) of google earth was launched which now includes google oceans. What will be next - google bathrooms? Get free spyware here.

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Winter fishing with Simms

Al  from just sent me this little promotion clip for Simms about winter fishing for trout in the mountains. Really nice dude! Take a look here.

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Winter has arrived!

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It seems that Winter finally came to town last night. Temperatures are dropping down to -10°C and everything is covered in the finest powder. Next time: Ice fishing!

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I`m a Barbie girl …

In North Carolina record Catfish are caught using Barbie fishing tackle. Strange folks …

Read the whole story here.

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Like èm chubby?

Spent a day down at the river Lahn and spotted some really nice chub there. This ist just one of many 60 cm + lurking around in the sun. Bloody idiot i am i forgot my flyrod.

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Tiny little-bitty

In order to post at least any fish in this fishblog here`s a small one from this morning. Still hoping they get bigger soon, eh. Nuff said.

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This Is Fly 10

For all of you flyfishing nuts out there who missed the launch of TIF issue 10 .. it`s out there folks! Great reading as usual … and the playlist kicks arse, too.

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Pike Paul !

Paul San finally discovered that there are also other fish around and so he went out there on mistery Lake X and killed some pike. Well done mate!

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The Great Amazon - Katsutaka Imae :: Videos

Defo the most hillarious professional fishing-videos in town. See Mr. Katsutaka “styler” Imae fishing for peacock bass in Brazil, his guide taking a bath in the Amazon, Imae fearing watersnakes and loads of other funny stuff.

Part I @ veoh: Click here!

Part II @ veoh: Click here!

Hail to da King!

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Fisherman`s heaven!

Tehere is a god! There is a heaven! It`s right here on earth! In New Zealand! Check out these amazing NZ flyfishing pictures at

I wanna go there by all means. Beam me up Scotty!!

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Fishing in NYC

Next time time you`re on a trip to the Big Apple why not leave your wife alone shopping and enjoy some Central Park fishing. You don`t need a permit to fish the lakes and can even rent rods and baits for free. All the fishing is C&R only. Wow man, i wish we had something like that here in Germany ;-)

Take a look at the Central Park`s website.

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Fishy Airstream

Though i`m not a particular fan of Airstreams the one Kevin Fitzsimons builds defo looks neat and fishy.

Check out his conversion on MoCO Loco. This one would make a perfect fishing mobile home for you and the lads.

Go camping!

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Catch, put èm in your pants & realease

Join John Lurie and the legendary Tom Waits fishing for red snapper in Jamaica. Fucking hilarious!

Part I

Part II

Part III

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In the house

Take a look at the homes of US pro fishermen like the G-Man others at basszone.

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Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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