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small tits can be fun, too

Have a good one!

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We wish you a fucking brilliant holiday season with your your family, your mates, good food and loads of boozin`… and some fish of course! Be good, listen to Slayer, catch èm all and don`t forget: Save the planet & don`t eat the pink fish!

See you in 2×9!


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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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New Daiwa E-GEE

Daiwa Japan just came up with a new line up of rods & reels called E-GEE. The E-GEE 2506 reel looks quite sexy and is affordable, too. Get one at

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Last days of summer

As summer seems to be back in town for the weekend i spent a few our on my home-water floattube fishing for perch. As fall is aproaching they get larger in numbers and size though the real lunkers still seem to be hiding in some secret parallel universe. Got 2 nice 30s and stinky baby pike on Comic Craws on the t-rig which has really become my favourite rig for fishing those tiny bastards, Venus or Chronos.

Life is great - go fishing!

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Man about town

Just some plain old Röck`n Röll before you enter the boat for some recreational sunday fishing time dude!

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Comic Craw

No chub today but some perch at least to prove that this site really is about fishing. Spend the day out on the boat playing around with some new Comic Craw colours on the T-rig which proved pretty well. We will update the colours page within the next days so stay tuned for some solid soft plastic action here at

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Tiny little-bitty

In order to post at least any fish in this fishblog here`s a small one from this morning. Still hoping they get bigger soon, eh. Nuff said.

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Gone noodlin`

Since Paul San exclusively wears his green t-shirt while fishing he not only catches more but also bigger and more exotic fish. Starting with perch and some very decent pike he now also noodles CATFISH! Well … not quite what you would call a lunker but be prepared dude … Paul San in his green t-shirt is a real killer.

So, get yourself a green t-shirt and a better life TODAY!

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Catch, put èm in your pants & realease

Join John Lurie and the legendary Tom Waits fishing for red snapper in Jamaica. Fucking hilarious!

Part I

Part II

Part III

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Bumble Bee is not human - Bumble Bee is a machine

Right folks, today we here at the Tarakito headoffice are proud to announce that we got a brand new member in our team of professional fishermen and nerds. The mighty Bumble Bee joined the crew by the beginning of this year and since then has proven his skills in various US tournaments where he outfished American pros with ease using our secret underground lure techniques.

Right now Bumble Bee is on the way to Japan in the Tarakito Jet where he`ll meet up with several Japanese pros to teach them what he calls “The Real Style”.

So stay tuned for some serious “Bumble Bee in Japan” dude!

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I Lost The Wilds

Megabass CEO Yuki Ito not only designes top notch fishing tackle but now also tries to be a singer. Check this out at youtube. Well … maybe he should concentrate on rods and lures again.

Jon Boat / Bass Boat for sale!

The Team Tarakito perch vessel is for sale.


For more questions please contact us here .

Secret lure: Tarakito Comic Craw

Top secret mini fishing weapon!

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Our SickStix now are officially approved for one of the largest German lakes- the “Bodensee”.

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Tool time -Jon boat conversion - Let`s build a low budget bass boat

Yo fellas - this is the boat dude with the final report on our tarakito jon boat conversion. It took us much longer than expected but we finally got our rig rolling. Please click below to browse through some pictures of the building process. Cheers.
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