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Google`s world supremacy

Today the newest version (5.0) of google earth was launched which now includes google oceans. What will be next - google bathrooms? Get free spyware here.

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Ice fishing!

So you think ice-fishing is kinda the real and coolest winter fishing thing, eh.?. Well, that`s what i thought, too. At least until today! And maybe it`s still true when you live in some remote areas in Finland. Ice fishing right here in the middle of the town really sucks!


First of all there are no fish! This is where continous readers might ask if i don`t get used to this with time. Of course i do - i run a fishing blog with a category “no fish at all” smart ass! ;-)

Much more annoying then the absence of fish are all those pedestrian with their shitload of funny questions … uhm, i still don`t get their kind of humor. “Are you fishing?” “No ma`m we come from planet Mickey Mouse and search for oil. Can you help us?”

Get a life folks!

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Winter fishing with Simms

Al  from just sent me this little promotion clip for Simms about winter fishing for trout in the mountains. Really nice dude! Take a look here.

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Big City Trouting

When reading the latest this is fly mag be sure to check out page 107 with a little story on big city trouting from the Tarakito garage. Cheers.

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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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I`m a Barbie girl …

In North Carolina record Catfish are caught using Barbie fishing tackle. Strange folks …

Read the whole story here.

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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Icast 2008 videos

With the 2008 Icast in Vegas just finished Tackle Warehouse put up some really nice videos on their website to satisfy all of you tacklenuts out there.

Watch their videos here.

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Japanese flyfishing podcast

A pretty nice Japanese podcast on flyfishing with some pretty weird episodes can be found at Over and out!

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New high-tech gadget added!

Howdy folks! Our newest addition to the perch-machine comes straight from the NASA-headquarter. A totally new and innovative lure keeper which can be attached to your trolling motor, your pedestral or even your butt. This nifty little tool will hold up to 200 baits of all sizes totally secure and easy to reach. We`re deeply impressed! Hail to da NASA!

Front view of innovative NASA lure keeper.

Innovative NASA lure keeper heavily loaded and in action.

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Al`s Special

With the release of our new Bäbäääm lures we`re currently also working on a whole new range of colours. This one e.g. is Al`s Special - some nice light brown with black and gold flakes come along quite sexy. But lunatics we are we also added our special Columbian purple highlight powder which not only makes Bäbäääm look more 3 dimensional but turns these little pleasure sticks into an ultra sexy and deadly fishing weapon.

Stay tuned for more colourtalk and don`t forget … it`s all about the worm!

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The Great Amazon - Katsutaka Imae :: Videos

Defo the most hillarious professional fishing-videos in town. See Mr. Katsutaka “styler” Imae fishing for peacock bass in Brazil, his guide taking a bath in the Amazon, Imae fearing watersnakes and loads of other funny stuff.

Part I @ veoh: Click here!

Part II @ veoh: Click here!

Hail to da King!

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Fisherman`s heaven!

Tehere is a god! There is a heaven! It`s right here on earth! In New Zealand! Check out these amazing NZ flyfishing pictures at

I wanna go there by all means. Beam me up Scotty!!

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In the house

Take a look at the homes of US pro fishermen like the G-Man others at basszone.

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I Lost The Wilds

Megabass CEO Yuki Ito not only designes top notch fishing tackle but now also tries to be a singer. Check this out at youtube. Well … maybe he should concentrate on rods and lures again.

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