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roadkills are cheap tying materials

Naugthy chickentalk

As there`s no time for fishing right now another little post on music …

Old but good …

Lovely british sense of humor!

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Chubby Shiner

A (not so) new pattern for all the big chubs out there. Freshly tied these little shiners will be put to a test immeditaley. So stay tuned for some more Rock`n Roll.

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Fucking delicious

Watch Gordon “Fucking” Ramsey go speer hunting for seabass in Britain, hunting giant crabs in Norway or go eelfishing on the river Thames in London. Great stuff of the british chef on youtube. Click below to see the videos.

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This Is Fly mag

Though this mag is not particulary bass-related but rather a flyfishing thing it`s worthwile reading.

The guys from shwo how a modern fishing magazine could be set up - loud, full of naked girls, fish and röck`n röll this site is a must for every lunatic fisherman out there!

Check it out.