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Have a good one!

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We wish you a fucking brilliant holiday season with your your family, your mates, good food and loads of boozin`… and some fish of course! Be good, listen to Slayer, catch èm all and don`t forget: Save the planet & don`t eat the pink fish!

See you in 2×9!


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Insane pouring station

Just found this one on the TU board. Kajan built a pouring station which comes along quite sexy. Great work dude!

Check it out here.

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Don`t go to work - listen to Slayer !

Every serious fisherman out there knows it: There are better things in life than going to work. Name it … fishing e.g. or listening to Slayer. The die hards might even do both … together …

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Venus on the t-rig

When we designed our Venus Lures about 2 years ago we were looking for a very special lure to be rigged dropshot for some serious Perch fishing action. Since i`m not really into this lame dropshot thing the whole lot of my Venus lures spent a rather boring life in my tacklebox being fished just once in a while. But in one of my many lunatic moments i had the idea to try those little cuties on a texas-rig. Curious guy i am i packed up some Lures, a size 2 hook and some bullet weights and headed for banks. What can i say … i must have been blind!!! Venus are just perfect on the t-rig when fishing for Perch!

Size 2 hook, 5 gram bullet weight & Tarakito Venus make a deadly Perch weapon.

Brandnew Venus colour: Pussyhead.

Pussyhead did it again …

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Man about town

Just some plain old Röck`n Röll before you enter the boat for some recreational sunday fishing time dude!

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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This Is Fly 10

For all of you flyfishing nuts out there who missed the launch of TIF issue 10 .. it`s out there folks! Great reading as usual … and the playlist kicks arse, too.

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This Is Fly 9 is out!

The guys form did it again and released their 9th online mag. Brilliant stuff from the lads as usual.

Be sure to check it out at!

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This Is Fly mag

Though this mag is not particulary bass-related but rather a flyfishing thing it`s worthwile reading.

The guys from shwo how a modern fishing magazine could be set up - loud, full of naked girls, fish and röck`n röll this site is a must for every lunatic fisherman out there!

Check it out.

Back online!

Yes, it took us some time but we`re finally back online now.

Heyho - let`s go!

Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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Crazy Craw

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Sexy time

Ladies and Gents,

we herewith proudly announce yet another brand new SickStix colour:

The Green Manalishi … a bit of watermelon, some blue pepper and here you go. I liiiiike!

Problem Child - An aluminium perch vessel

Free boat pictures for everyone. Find our construction report here .

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Tool time -Jon boat conversion - Let`s build a low budget bass boat

Yo fellas - this is the boat dude with the final report on our tarakito jon boat conversion. It took us much longer than expected but we finally got our rig rolling. Please click below to browse through some pictures of the building process. Cheers.
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