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catfishgrabblin`is a sport folks don`t understand

Ice fishing!

So you think ice-fishing is kinda the real and coolest winter fishing thing, eh.?. Well, that`s what i thought, too. At least until today! And maybe it`s still true when you live in some remote areas in Finland. Ice fishing right here in the middle of the town really sucks!


First of all there are no fish! This is where continous readers might ask if i don`t get used to this with time. Of course i do - i run a fishing blog with a category “no fish at all” smart ass! ;-)

Much more annoying then the absence of fish are all those pedestrian with their shitload of funny questions … uhm, i still don`t get their kind of humor. “Are you fishing?” “No ma`m we come from planet Mickey Mouse and search for oil. Can you help us?”

Get a life folks!

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Milk drinking fish / Fishporn to the max

Just in case you`re wondering why Japan consumes this whole lot a fish … they need it to drink milk out of girl`s asses.

Don`t believe me?!?

Well, then you should have a look at “The Vice Guide To Sex” on “Genki & The Art Of Eel Porn” says it all. Kinda weird folks …

Have a look at part one here.

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Spearfishing for Bluefin Tuna

Just came along this pretty old stuff … 2 guys spearfishing for Bluefin Tuna off the coast of New Zealand. Pretty weird stuff.

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Big City Trouting

When reading the latest this is fly mag be sure to check out page 107 with a little story on big city trouting from the Tarakito garage. Cheers.

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Aussie great whites

Just another one from the TIF blog:

Love the bumber mounted fighting chair on the cruiser.

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Urban trouting - combat style!

Another day of big city combat trouting. While stupid me was trying to catch trees, birds and bugs on spinners Jens performed better and got some decent big city trouts. The biggest one just got away just like the last time. Will post some more combat fishing footage soon. So stay tuned for the real deal - urban trouting - guerilla style.

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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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I`m a Barbie girl …

In North Carolina record Catfish are caught using Barbie fishing tackle. Strange folks …

Read the whole story here.

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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Japanese flyfishing podcast

A pretty nice Japanese podcast on flyfishing with some pretty weird episodes can be found at Over and out!

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Weird fish from outer space

Since another swordfish has been caught in the baltic sea i`m now saving on a 12wt. Talking about weird fish it`s pretty interesting what youtube has to offer. Click below to see some of the strangest water species around.

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Gone noodlin`

Since Paul San exclusively wears his green t-shirt while fishing he not only catches more but also bigger and more exotic fish. Starting with perch and some very decent pike he now also noodles CATFISH! Well … not quite what you would call a lunker but be prepared dude … Paul San in his green t-shirt is a real killer.

So, get yourself a green t-shirt and a better life TODAY!

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In the house

Take a look at the homes of US pro fishermen like the G-Man others at basszone.

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Weird lure

Ben San got this one from Yahoo Japan. One of the strangest lures we`ve ever seen.

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SickStix Austrian style

Al just sent us some pictures of his latest SickStix trials. Being Austrian he does it completely different and rigs our little pleasure Stix on a jighead.

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