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insane japanese lurebuilders take over world supremacy

New Daiwa E-GEE

Daiwa Japan just came up with a new line up of rods & reels called E-GEE. The E-GEE 2506 reel looks quite sexy and is affordable, too. Get one at

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How To

Took the time a wrote down a little tutorial on softbait pouring. Find it here. Sorry chap - German only.

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MCL Lures Website online

Fishing bud Manu finally managed to get his new website up and running. Take a look at his stunning swimbaits at

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Röck`n Röll fish run to the hills

Watch Aki using some Electric Eel Shock to catch mighty Maiden fish.

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Icast 2008 videos

With the 2008 Icast in Vegas just finished Tackle Warehouse put up some really nice videos on their website to satisfy all of you tacklenuts out there.

Watch their videos here.

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Japanese flyfishing podcast

A pretty nice Japanese podcast on flyfishing with some pretty weird episodes can be found at Over and out!

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Ben switches to Cormoran

As more and more bollocks out there are fishing Japanese lures and tackle we here at Tarakito go one step ahead and switch back to the oldschool style of fishing. Therefore Ben sells some of his lures (yes, he`s got a shitload more of èm) here

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Tiny topwater baits

Well usually i`m not the kinda guy who takes pictures of lures made by other people but these tiny little bastards are so cute that i just gave it a try. Got myself some decent cicadas to fish for topwater chub in my homeriver … Here you go:

Tiemco Trick Trout Cicada II

Smith Ltd. Bisen Cicada - NIIIIICE!

Tiemco Trick Trout Noisy Cicada II

Rapala X-Rap Shad - No that`s not a topwater bait, you`re right smart ass! Fancied those for much too long so let`s see how the perch like èm.

Nuff fooling around for now … go out there and get yourself a lunker!

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The Great Amazon - Katsutaka Imae :: Videos

Defo the most hillarious professional fishing-videos in town. See Mr. Katsutaka “styler” Imae fishing for peacock bass in Brazil, his guide taking a bath in the Amazon, Imae fearing watersnakes and loads of other funny stuff.

Part I @ veoh: Click here!

Part II @ veoh: Click here!

Hail to da King!

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Vagabond Lures

Just found these lures browsing through the net. You should really give those Vagabond lures a closer look. Awesome!

Weird lure

Ben San got this one from Yahoo Japan. One of the strangest lures we`ve ever seen.

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Holidays & Killers - everything is safe!

So, one week off finally! Holiday means fishing, fishing and … erm … yes, fishing! Today i tested the not so new Imakatsu Wind Killer Bill - man what an awesome little lure. Caught some really tiny pikes and perch up to 30 cm on this crazy little thing. This was rather a lazy but a good fishing day anyway. When the expenssive weapon got trapped in some branches it was time to put the home made lure safer to the test once again. This little toy is simply but absolutely effective. I`ll post some pictures within the next days.

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Wacky jig head vs. split shot

We just tested the Zappu Inchy Wacky Jighead vs. the Gamakutsu “318 Wacky” hooks with our Sickstix and must say that we just love them.

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Fat Boy

Just when you think that you don`t need any more of the Japanese gadget lures another of these artpieces crosses your way. Few weeks ago the Jackall 10CC crossed my way and i just love it. Tiny but voluminous these little bastards cast like hell on my Megabass F1-60X. Perch seem to love them, too. So, what else do you need. Go out and get some of these man.

Hail to da king!

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Within the special charity auctions for terminally ill children there`s a special Megabass Bomber Jacket on auction at yahoo auctions JP. Though signed by the master Yuki Ito himself it`s still goddamn ugly. I`d rather fancy the tour shirts and rod. Die hard Megabass fans can place their bid here

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