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life in a float tube

Google`s world supremacy

Today the newest version (5.0) of google earth was launched which now includes google oceans. What will be next - google bathrooms? Get free spyware here.

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i2 4R3

Nothing really fihing-related but for all those music nerds among you there`s a new very sexy speaker system out there. Michael Young’s i24R3 wireless speaker system for EOps “with satellite speakers and a bass dock… the i24R3 includes a wireless USB audio transmitter dongle that lets you stream music from your iTunes or music programs on your computer.” Think i`ll get a pair of those for my boat.

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Chronos Heavy Wacky

Being pretty busy these days fishing time was short today. Just spent an hour or two on the local pond in search for some lunker perch. Well got 2 or 3 nice 30s and about a dozens 20s which is pretty ok for this water.

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Looks like Papa

It`s been 109 years since Ernest “Papa” Hemingway came to this world to catch fish. Now nearly 150 Papa-look-alikes gathered at the Keys to celebrate and to catch a Marlin, of course. They`re all very look-alike, eh…

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Couch potato

For all of you couch potatos out there Coleman comes up with their brand new float tube which features a cup holder and adds that touch of cosy atmosphere to your local stream. Just add crisps and beer and you`re done. Get one at

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Cheesy sunset

Yesterday night at the North Sea.

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Getting started :: HARDCORE floattube action

1st of June for us means start of the season at our home water. And so 4 lunatics gathered at 7 am to start a crazy floattube tour for pikefishing:

4 guys, 4 floattubes, 167 rods, 50 kg of lures, 8 km of water, 13 hours of paddling and a whole lotta fun.

Read more to see the pictures.

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Jon Boat / Bass Boat for sale!

The Team Tarakito perch vessel is for sale.


For more questions please contact us here .

Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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Megabass canoe

For all of you nuts out there who loved the Megabass boat here`s a (not so) new one from Yuki San & co. - The Megabass Canoe.

Made from wood and carbon this little fishing machine weights only 18 kg and can easily be packed on the roof of your truck e.g.

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Fish`n impossible!

Due to massive rain our home river carries so much water that these bollocks can go surfing but there`s no chance to catch fish in these days. Could someone please stop this bloody rain!

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Got nuts mate?!?

Although Little John`s conversion into the smallest bass boat ever is far away from being completed we allready cared for the important issues … name it … stickerwork ;-)

Getting started

It seems that spring came to town today and so we went to have a look at uncle John. We started by peeling of all the ugly stickers and measure him from head till toe. Yes, he is rather of the smaller kind but there will be a way to fit all the equipment needed into this tiny little boat. In the next step we`ll take the angle grinder cut out holes in all benches and remove the buoyancy bodies. Hey this is 2007 - the year of manshit. Who the hell needs an unsinkable boat …

Johnny B Good

So, we finally got our new jon boat - see Paul posing proud. Over the next weeks we`ll convert that little hottie into the smallest but also sexiest bassboat in town. Anybody out there with a 40 hp outboard for sale? Give me a shout!