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Ice fishing!

So you think ice-fishing is kinda the real and coolest winter fishing thing, eh.?. Well, that`s what i thought, too. At least until today! And maybe it`s still true when you live in some remote areas in Finland. Ice fishing right here in the middle of the town really sucks!


First of all there are no fish! This is where continous readers might ask if i don`t get used to this with time. Of course i do - i run a fishing blog with a category “no fish at all” smart ass! ;-)

Much more annoying then the absence of fish are all those pedestrian with their shitload of funny questions … uhm, i still don`t get their kind of humor. “Are you fishing?” “No ma`m we come from planet Mickey Mouse and search for oil. Can you help us?”

Get a life folks!

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This Is Fly 13

No need to work this Monday cause the guys from did it again. Check out the latest issue at

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Urban trouting - combat style!

Another day of big city combat trouting. While stupid me was trying to catch trees, birds and bugs on spinners Jens performed better and got some decent big city trouts. The biggest one just got away just like the last time. Will post some more combat fishing footage soon. So stay tuned for the real deal - urban trouting - guerilla style.

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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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Japanese flyfishing podcast

A pretty nice Japanese podcast on flyfishing with some pretty weird episodes can be found at Over and out!

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New high-tech gadget added!

Howdy folks! Our newest addition to the perch-machine comes straight from the NASA-headquarter. A totally new and innovative lure keeper which can be attached to your trolling motor, your pedestral or even your butt. This nifty little tool will hold up to 200 baits of all sizes totally secure and easy to reach. We`re deeply impressed! Hail to da NASA!

Front view of innovative NASA lure keeper.

Innovative NASA lure keeper heavily loaded and in action.

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Ladies, Motors, Sound … and Fishing

Our new motto for 2008!

This year we plan to shag more ladies than ever before, drive bigger and faster trucks and turn up the speakers louder than hell! Ah … and we even plan to go out there and kill some fish. Paul San is also keen to learn more about flyfishing for our upcoming roadtrip to Denmark.

For all of you out there who think the same we designed this exclusive t-shirt (edit: which is invisible now). Maybe you will also be able to purchase it through our store one day.

stay rude - stay rebel!

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Well ok .. this one is a pretty old one. Hey but things improve with age, like cheese, eh …

Check out the Element Fishtale clip at youtube - great stuff.

Screaming reels & hot drag plates!

Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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Secret lure: Tarakito Comic Craw

Top secret mini fishing weapon!

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Crocodile Dundee

G´day everybody and welcome to the crazy world of black bass!

Check out this crazy little bass bastard feeding on unexpected animals. Pretty weird stuff!

2007 = Manshit

Today Paul and Ian declared 2007 to be the year of BIG fish and manshit.

Baring that in mind we plan to travel around the world for weeks or maybe months not washing our voluptuous bodies, running around naked the whole day, catching lunkers and gain worldwide female recognition. Well … this could turn out to be some serious fun. What do you think mate …

We have a dream .01

If you look closely Germany is quite a weird place to live. Being the only country on that planet without speed limits on the motorways German fishermen on the other hand are forced to kill every damn fish they catch by the law. But governmental insanity goes even further `cause German politicians even ban bass for what reason ever. We here at stand up against government opression and claim bass for everyone! Right now the whole think is rather a flick in our mad brains but as we know that are many people with the same ideas in mind there is a chance for all those enthusiast fishermen out there. Maybe we should found some kind of club like “Schwarzbarsch Sofort e.V” , write petitions and all that typical German stuff. Thinking about that idea idon`t think that we`ll ever succeed. Best way to spread bass all over europe is to just start some kind of top secret mission and import large quantities of bass from Italy or Spain.

So what we need are big trucks, even bigger fish tanks, some money and keen drivers.

What do you think?

Restraining orders

After several serious and some unpleasent current events Ben San started to proudly collect restraining orders of some international fishing pros and almost every half-descent looking girl in his neighborhood. So if you are interested - or just want to be part of my collection- please inquire via nude picture…