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Montana based artist Derek DeYoung does some amazing fish painting of trouts nd saltwaterfish. Check out his website at and be sure to buy one of his paintings. He`s also got a holiday sale going on right now.

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This Is Fly 12 out now!

Lovely cover as usual. Psychedeliaaaa man …

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Bloody pikes

Ok, so we had a plan today … to get out of bed ways too early, jump in the boat, throw some pike flies and nail down some of these greedy green bastards … BUT it seemed that the allmighty pikemaster listened to Slayer instead of hearing ours prayers. To cut a rather boring story short - the water was fucking clear, the sun was shining, we had a brilliant day but only caught baby pikes. So we switched to perch and had some nice 30s on Comic Craws. I say “Fuck that goddam pikes!”


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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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Mako Fly Reels

Looking for a new reel for Pike or Saltwater flyrodding then you should give the Mako reels by Jack Charlton a closer look. Really love their design. Get one here.

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Sure Set

The best and most versatile lure ever - the Rapala X-Rap 8 now becomes even more versatile with the brand new deep diving version. Now also available with sure set hooks. Get one or two today!


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MCL Lures Website online

Fishing bud Manu finally managed to get his new website up and running. Take a look at his stunning swimbaits at

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Man about town

Just some plain old Röck`n Röll before you enter the boat for some recreational sunday fishing time dude!

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Never leave the boat!

What a smart ass!

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Like èm chubby?

Spent a day down at the river Lahn and spotted some really nice chub there. This ist just one of many 60 cm + lurking around in the sun. Bloody idiot i am i forgot my flyrod.

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Couch potato

For all of you couch potatos out there Coleman comes up with their brand new float tube which features a cup holder and adds that touch of cosy atmosphere to your local stream. Just add crisps and beer and you`re done. Get one at

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Crazy salmon fisher

Well i ever wondered about people tying classic salmon flies just for display and not taking them to the water and catch fish with them. I mean … that`s what they`re meant to be, right.?. This guy not only ties some very decent salmon flies but also catches fish with them:

Take a look at Niel`s flies at

Have a good one and catch fish!

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Pike Paul !

Paul San finally discovered that there are also other fish around and so he went out there on mistery Lake X and killed some pike. Well done mate!

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Bäbäääm Prototypes

Some quick shots of our new prototypes … more to cum soon.

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As the start of the new season is just days away we`re currently hiding in the garage preparing for the things to come. We`re not only refueling the boat, renewing lines and all that stuff but we`re also seriously baiting up. Yes dude .. there`ll be some amazing new lures for this season … so stay tuned for some killer BÄBÄÄÄÄM and don`t forget … the chase is better than the catch.

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