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the lads

Ice fishing!

So you think ice-fishing is kinda the real and coolest winter fishing thing, eh.?. Well, that`s what i thought, too. At least until today! And maybe it`s still true when you live in some remote areas in Finland. Ice fishing right here in the middle of the town really sucks!


First of all there are no fish! This is where continous readers might ask if i don`t get used to this with time. Of course i do - i run a fishing blog with a category “no fish at all” smart ass! ;-)

Much more annoying then the absence of fish are all those pedestrian with their shitload of funny questions … uhm, i still don`t get their kind of humor. “Are you fishing?” “No ma`m we come from planet Mickey Mouse and search for oil. Can you help us?”

Get a life folks!

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Pony Farm

Today we went out there to nail down some big city trouts with the flyrod which proved more difficult than expected. We`ll be back at the funny farm very soon so stay tuned for some asskicking rock`n roll, chicks and no fish at all.

Cheers up.

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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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Carolina Baby!

Our friend Arne hails from South Carolina and proves that even American bass love our little pleasure stix. Good work dude!

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Bumble Bee is not human - Bumble Bee is a machine

Right folks, today we here at the Tarakito headoffice are proud to announce that we got a brand new member in our team of professional fishermen and nerds. The mighty Bumble Bee joined the crew by the beginning of this year and since then has proven his skills in various US tournaments where he outfished American pros with ease using our secret underground lure techniques.

Right now Bumble Bee is on the way to Japan in the Tarakito Jet where he`ll meet up with several Japanese pros to teach them what he calls “The Real Style”.

So stay tuned for some serious “Bumble Bee in Japan” dude!

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Just a very quick one to prove that Manus San`s lovely swimbaits not only look good but can also fool fish. Well right now they can only fool dumb German pike but who knows … maybe some day this little Bastards will even produce perch or bass. Exciting, isn`t it!?!

Yet another MCL bait

Sexy time! I liiiike …

Newest MCL lure

Just a quick one on the newest artpiece of Manu San. A 3-piece jointed swimbait with softplastic fins. A terrific handmade lure. Congrats mate!

Meet up in the north

The crew gathered to have a chat, play around with vegetables and of course to test some new lures.

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Crazy Craw

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SickStix Austrian style

Al just sent us some pictures of his latest SickStix trials. Being Austrian he does it completely different and rigs our little pleasure Stix on a jighead.

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Our SickStix now are officially approved for one of the largest German lakes- the “Bodensee”.

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We deserved a brake from all that hectic every day life as tournament fishermen, packed up our gear, took some ladies and flew to Sweden for some serious recreation. Attached find some pictures.
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Problem Child - An aluminium perch vessel

Free boat pictures for everyone. Find our construction report here .

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Tool time -Jon boat conversion - Let`s build a low budget bass boat

Yo fellas - this is the boat dude with the final report on our tarakito jon boat conversion. It took us much longer than expected but we finally got our rig rolling. Please click below to browse through some pictures of the building process. Cheers.
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