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ain`t no fun to be a millionaire

Still kicking!

It’s been 18 month or so since the last post in this blog. So here is just very quick one to let you know that we’re still alive and catching fish … same with our lures … venus on a t-rig did the trick with this 13″ perch.

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i2 4R3

Nothing really fihing-related but for all those music nerds among you there`s a new very sexy speaker system out there. Michael Young’s i24R3 wireless speaker system for EOps “with satellite speakers and a bass dock… the i24R3 includes a wireless USB audio transmitter dongle that lets you stream music from your iTunes or music programs on your computer.” Think i`ll get a pair of those for my boat.

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Pony Farm

Today we went out there to nail down some big city trouts with the flyrod which proved more difficult than expected. We`ll be back at the funny farm very soon so stay tuned for some asskicking rock`n roll, chicks and no fish at all.

Cheers up.

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Eastern Rises

The guys from feltsoulmedia which brought us fantastic movies like “running down the man” or “red gold” did it again. Their newest project is called “Eastern rises” and you you get a sneak peak at it here. Gorgeous stuff as usual. Really looking forward to the release of this DVD.

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Catch Magazine

There`s a new online fishing mag out there. Catch Magazine comes along nearly as sexy as and features some brilliant photography stuff. Check èm out at

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Still fishing … and drinking!

No fish for me today but for Paul Pikemaster himself. Maybe that`s due to imaginary super ale. Or it`s just because of my farty pants. You never know …

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New Daiwa E-GEE

Daiwa Japan just came up with a new line up of rods & reels called E-GEE. The E-GEE 2506 reel looks quite sexy and is affordable, too. Get one at

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Mako Fly Reels

Looking for a new reel for Pike or Saltwater flyrodding then you should give the Mako reels by Jack Charlton a closer look. Really love their design. Get one here.

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How To

Took the time a wrote down a little tutorial on softbait pouring. Find it here. Sorry chap - German only.

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Looks like Papa

It`s been 109 years since Ernest “Papa” Hemingway came to this world to catch fish. Now nearly 150 Papa-look-alikes gathered at the Keys to celebrate and to catch a Marlin, of course. They`re all very look-alike, eh…

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Couch potato

For all of you couch potatos out there Coleman comes up with their brand new float tube which features a cup holder and adds that touch of cosy atmosphere to your local stream. Just add crisps and beer and you`re done. Get one at

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Florida Shark Fishing

Nice little videos of Flip Pallot and his mate Jaw flyfishing for sharks in the keys at Flyfishing In Saltwaters.

Part 1

Part 2

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Still got some left left after all this tackle shopping und extensive traveling around the world in search for fish? Well, you should get hold of one of those fishy clips from m-clip then. Click!

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Bassroom !!!

Every serious fisherman out there knows this situation … you`re out there on your boat together with the lads catching lunkers and having a good time. As fishing and especially catching the big ones out there can be quite exhausting you might need a rest from time to time. This is when we here at the TARAKITO network of lunacy invite some hotties from one of our support-boats to come over for a chillout blowjob. In the past we had to deal with snoopy pedestrians on the bank but now there is bassroom - a place for every fishermen to enjoy an untroubled blowjob or even to hide from rain or whatever.

Be sure to check their website to discover all the brilliant possibilities bassroom can offer you!

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The Great Amazon - Katsutaka Imae :: Videos

Defo the most hillarious professional fishing-videos in town. See Mr. Katsutaka “styler” Imae fishing for peacock bass in Brazil, his guide taking a bath in the Amazon, Imae fearing watersnakes and loads of other funny stuff.

Part I @ veoh: Click here!

Part II @ veoh: Click here!

Hail to da King!

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