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flying monkeys

Winter fishing with Simms

Al  from just sent me this little promotion clip for Simms about winter fishing for trout in the mountains. Really nice dude! Take a look here.

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This Is Fly 13

No need to work this Monday cause the guys from did it again. Check out the latest issue at

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Pony Farm

Today we went out there to nail down some big city trouts with the flyrod which proved more difficult than expected. We`ll be back at the funny farm very soon so stay tuned for some asskicking rock`n roll, chicks and no fish at all.

Cheers up.

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Eastern Rises

The guys from feltsoulmedia which brought us fantastic movies like “running down the man” or “red gold” did it again. Their newest project is called “Eastern rises” and you you get a sneak peak at it here. Gorgeous stuff as usual. Really looking forward to the release of this DVD.

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Mako Fly Reels

Looking for a new reel for Pike or Saltwater flyrodding then you should give the Mako reels by Jack Charlton a closer look. Really love their design. Get one here.

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Chubby Shiner

A (not so) new pattern for all the big chubs out there. Freshly tied these little shiners will be put to a test immeditaley. So stay tuned for some more Rock`n Roll.

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This Is Fly 10

For all of you flyfishing nuts out there who missed the launch of TIF issue 10 .. it`s out there folks! Great reading as usual … and the playlist kicks arse, too.

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Crazy salmon fisher

Well i ever wondered about people tying classic salmon flies just for display and not taking them to the water and catch fish with them. I mean … that`s what they`re meant to be, right.?. This guy not only ties some very decent salmon flies but also catches fish with them:

Take a look at Niel`s flies at

Have a good one and catch fish!

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This Is Fly 9 is out!

The guys form did it again and released their 9th online mag. Brilliant stuff from the lads as usual.

Be sure to check it out at!

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This Is Fly mag

Though this mag is not particulary bass-related but rather a flyfishing thing it`s worthwile reading.

The guys from shwo how a modern fishing magazine could be set up - loud, full of naked girls, fish and röck`n röll this site is a must for every lunatic fisherman out there!

Check it out.